VGS Community Ensemble

VGS Community Ensemble will be restarting rehearsals in October. Our program for Oct-Dec 2018 is Christmas music, and our performances are at the following locations:

Carlton House Senior Living, December 8th 2pm
Selkirk Senior Residence, December 15th 2:30pm
VGS Open Mic, December 15th 6:30pm
Victoria International Airport, December, date & time TBA

You can choose to perform in all or some of the events or some of them, depending on your availability.

If you would like to take part in the ensemble, please let us know by September 15th. The music will be sent out to confirmed members, and the schedule and location will be worked out accordingly. So sign up, please email victoriaguitarsociety[at]gmail[dot]com.

* Participation fee: by donation, in person or via PayPal below.

***If there is a Christmas piece you would absolutely love to play, please feel free to suggest!