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The Victoria Guitar Society is dedicated to furthering and developing the classical guitar. Its aim is to bring the classical guitar into greater public awareness, to reach out to youth and a wider audience, and to encourage local activities and guitar-related teaching by building and expanding community.

The VGS has been active in presenting international artists to the public. It has organized concerts, masterclasses, residencies, and other events in Victoria, and showcased major and emerging players from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Of special significance is Pepe Romero, who has been a loyal supporter of Victoria and is a guiding force behind its energy. Both Pepe, and his esteemed father, Celedonio Romero, hold honorary doctorates from the University of Victoria.


Victoria has been host to concerts and masterclasses by Stephen Robinson, Adam Holzman, Bryan Johanson, Den-Min Yeh, Ricardo Cobo, Norbert Kraft, Dale Kavanagh, Roberto Aussel, David Tanenbaum, Antigoni Goni, Enrique Salmeron, Arnaud Dumond, Randall Kohl, Enrique Velasco, Gustavo Castro, David Russell, Michael Partington, Randy Pile, Michael Nicolella, Patrick Kearney, Jeffrey McFadden, Andrew Zohn, Martha Masters, Marc Teicholz, William Kanengiser, Richard Savino, Ronn McFarlane, John Schneiderman, Paul O’Dette, Hopkinson Smith, Nigel North, Jeremy Jouve, Robert Ward, Thibault Cauvin, Scott Tennant, Goran Kripokapic, Roland Dyens, Xeufei Yang, Paul Galbraith, Ana Vidovic, Marcin Dylla, Gabriel Bianco, Lynn McGrath, Jorge Caballero, Florian Larousse, Pepe Romero, Professor Chen Zhi, Steve Cowan, Jacob Bangsø, Thibaut Garcia, Matt Palmer and many others.

Many Victorians have gone on to further study and careers as guitarists including Adam Foster, Carli Kennedy, Razvan Bezna, Marvin Ren, Stephen Lochbaum, Janet Grohovac, Christopher Boston, Simon Farintosh.

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